"The Bloody Mallard mix post-rock with dark psychedelia to create a broad progressive instrumental sound" - Real Gone Rocks

 The Bloody Mallard is a heavy psych, prog and alt rock artist from London. Experimenting with melodies, rhythms and tones that were reminiscent of many mushroom trips in rural Kent the segments finally formed into songs during the Summer to Winter of 2018. Using various time signatures, polyrhythms and specific harmony principles The Bloody Mallard created a sound with distinct rock and acoustic tones that give a comfortable familiarity, yet exhilarating take on song craft.


 In 2019, The Bloody Mallard formed as a group (Tom Walding on guitar, Jake Bradford-Sharp on drums, Raihan Ruben on bass) for recording the first full length album ‘Realm’ with producer and engineer Jarred Hearmen at Konk and City Sounds Studios.


 A progressive and heavy psychedelic journey ‘Realm’ moves through different tones, pace and themes as it encourages it’s listener to explore their inner mind with a meditative state of reflection. 


 Musical influences can be heard from bands King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Baroness, Yob and Elder though they stem a lot further from musician and art inspirations such as Daniel Higgs, John Frusciante, Hans Zimmer, Lauren Marx, Katie Scott, Daniel Martin Diaz, Alex Grey and Stephen Chambers RA. 


 The Bloody Mallard is an open invitation of exploration for all listeners.